Simulated Trading

Free Simulated Trading

When you sign up for simulated trading, you will receive a $50,000 test account that gives you a simple, risk-free way to try out our platforms. It takes you only a couple of minutes to sign up for a Test account and to download the software.

Simulated trading enables you to trade using real-time quotes for select Globex, e-cbot, and single stock futures contracts, as well as delayed quotes for pit-traded CBOT, CME, Eurex, Comex and Nymex contracts. You will also have access to depth of market for Globex, e-cbot, and single stock futures contracts and real-time streaming charts for major stock index futures contracts.

Our Free Simulated Trading service is ideal if:

  • Practice placing your orders online and receiving your confirmations in mere seconds
  • Learn how to use your Order Management section to view your working, filled, cancelled or rejected orders
  • View depth of market and real time streaming charts for select contracts
  • Practice using the Price Ladder to place a buy/sell stop or buy/sell limit
  • Work with a licensed broker who is at your disposal to answer your trading questions and assist you in developing your own trading strategies
  • Give us feedback and comments about the trading system and how it worked for you

For those preferring self-directed online trading, our online trading platforms provide quick and reliable access to all major electronic and open out-cry futures markets. We pride ourselves on lightning-fast execution and confirmation supported by our dedicated customer service team.

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