Futures Trading Account Fees

Service Fees
ACH (Next Day - 4pm CST Delivery - Domestic only): FREE
Wire (Domestic & International): 30.00
Incoming Wires | Checks | ACH: FREE
Returned Check (NSF): 75.00
Check Stop Payments | Wire Recalls | Returned Wire: 30.00
Currency Conversions**: 30.00
24 Hour Trade Desk: FREE
Margin and/or 80% Daily loss limit Liquidation: 25.00 per contract
Additional Trader (User) Log In: 10.00 per month
3rd Party Platform Fees may be applicable (see platform details)  
Electronic Daily & Monthly Statement: FREE
Mailed Monthly Statement: 30.00
Reproduction of account statements: 30.00
Electronic Trading Audit Detail Log: 30.00


*CQG offers extend exchange data other than the account default (major US Exchanges) such as Cash Index Data and Foreign (Non-US) Exchanges. Customer will have all available CQG data to select from Customer Portal with all current additional pricing. Market data fees for each month will be charged to your account during the first week of the subsequent month. Partial month subscriptions will be charged at the full month's rate.

** Some Currency Transactions to meet margin calls or exchange rate transactions made at the customer's request will be charged a fee as stated below:

When moving money between Reg. coded accounts such as your US trading account (Reg. code 01) and your foreign Reg. coded accounts such as (03 for US or foreign customers respectively) there will be a charge only for moves that involve different currencies. This means that when moving funds of the same currency there will be no charge. These funds may need to be moved in order to meet margin calls within your account that occur in one Reg. code. Even though the total balance of your separately coded accounts is large enough to not receive a call, United States regulation requires that we actually move the money between Reg. codes to meet the call. When these funds are moved inside of your account between Reg. codes we may have to convert currencies in order to do so and there will be a charge associated for that service. For those traders only trading US exchanges and transacting only in domestic (US) currency there will never be a charge for this service. The same applies to traders always trading a foreign exchange and having all funds traded within that Reg. code. Therefore, charges apply to accounts which have funding spread across multiple Reg. codes and which trade multiple exchanges, whether foreign or domestic.

This Account Fee Schedule is subject to change at any time.