Trade Navigator Trading Platform Key Features

Trade Navigator, has been a leading innovator in charting and trading technologies since 1983, providing ultra-clean, fast data and exceptionally well-designed, single-function and comprehensive software solutions for traders at every level of expertise. Additionally, TradeNavigator has earned praise industry-wide for our unsurpassed level of on-site support and training.

  • Trade from the Chart & the Ladder/DOM
  • Single-Click Order Execution
  • Order Functionality w/ Order Bar
  • Streaming Replay Back Testing Strategies
  • Configurable Trading Ladders
  • Options Trading and Analysis Platform
  • Unique, Precision Drawing Tools
  • Chart Equity Curves
  • Custom Alerts
  • Dynamic Alerts
  • Extensive Tick History Fast Market Data
  • Innovative Charting Technologies
  • Detachable and Multi-Monitor Charts
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Trade Navigator Key Features

The user-centric approach puts the most powerful trading tools at your disposal with the click of a mouse allowing you to spend more time making successful trades and less time wrestling with software.

With extensive, continued input from leading educators, TradeNavigator is able to provide timely solutions that respond to changes in trading methods and climate with seamless integration.

Trading via a Chart or a Ladder

Trade Navigator‘s Trading via a Chart or a Price Ladder function allows the Trader to place a buy or sell order from either the chart or a price ladder. This function is a part of the Trade Consol function.

Trade Console

Trade Navigator™ provides the Trader with the ability to make trades from the charting platform using the trade consol capability. These trades can be executed through Proactive Futures or on the simulated system.

Historical Tick Data

Trade Navigator™ allows the Trader the ability to easily chart historical tick data.

Instant Replay

Trade Navigator™ allows the Trader the ability to easily select the desired symbol, specify a trading period and “Instantly Replay” replay the trading session.

Chart Alerts

Trade Navigator™ provides an Alert function allowing the Trader to be notified when the desired event occurs. Alert messages can be displayed.


Custom Highlight Bars

Trade Navigator™ provides a Highlight Bar function, allowing the Trader to be notified when the desired event occurs by changing the bar to a specific color. The Trade Navigator™
TradeSence language can create truly unique Highlight Bars.

Customizable Chart Indicators

Trade Navigator™ provides the Trader hundreds of Customizable Chart Indicators. Indicators like: Price, Moving Average, Open Interest, Volume, Stochastic and hundreds of other indicator. Trade Navigator’s™ TradeSence language permits the creation of unique indicators.

Custom Scans or Criteria

Trade Navigator™ provides the Trader with opportunity to create Scans and Criteria based on the Trader’s research and select out for future use the symbols that meet the requirements of the scan or criteria.

Custom Filters

Trade Navigator™ provides the Trader with the opportunity to create unique filters based on the Traders research and select out those symbols that meet the criteria indicated.

Custom Templates

Trade Navigator™ provides the Trader the opportunity to create templates based on their own research and import templates from third party traders or educators.

Drawing Tools

Trade Navigator™ provides the Trader with a vast array of drawing tools to annotate a chart

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