Trading Technologies - TT FIX Adapter - Trading Platform Key Features

TT’s FIX Adapter represents our commitment to open access via the industry-standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. Submitting trades, monitoring prices and capturing orders and fills into third-party systems has never been easier. TT’s FIX Adapter provides a rich set of capabilities that facilitate rapid integration with FIX-enabled order routing and middle/back-office systems. The FIX Adapter provides the most flexible means of integrating TT’s platform with your enterprise-level systems.

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Trading Technologies - TT FIX Adapter Key Features


Integrate third-party systems

TT recognizes that users face a wide choice of complementary solutions, including third-party order management and back office systems. To “future proof” your commitment to TT, using the FIX Adapter orders, prices and fills can be seamlessly integrated with your choice of third-party systems. Whether you want to route orders from your OMS, capture fills into your back-office system or monitor trades and risk for middle office and compliance, TT’s FIX Adapter provides a highly robust and open solution for enterprise-level integration.


TT’s leadership in FIX integration

Nobody understands FIX-based derivatives better than TT. Whether it’s our deep experience building high-performance connectivity to FIX-based matching engines, our participation in and contributions to the FIX Protocol Limited organization or our desk of FIX customer support and development specialists, no firm is better equipped to assist you with integrating electronic derivatives trading than TT. See why so many electronic brokers have chosen TT’s FIX Adapter for hundreds of their clients worldwide.


Centralized user management

The TT platform provides centralized user and risk administration for all users, including those who use either X_TRADER® or any of our APIs. So whether you are setting up a new X_TRADER user or configuring a FIX-based black box, TT provides a common and consistent set of tools for user administration.


TT Developer Support

TT provides support to developers, consultants and third-party vendors who integrate to the TT FIX Adapter through seasoned Developer Support specialists and the development questions are answered quickly and confidently. Conformance testing services, including test scripts and access to the TT FIX conformance environment, are available for every project, whether you’re a customer or third-party vendor. Best of all, TT provides comprehensive development support services free of charge. Once the integration work is completed and certified, TT offers ongoing operational support to ensure that your FIX application continues to run at the highest level of quality and performance. No other vendor provides this level of FIX development support. See why brokerage firms and their customers worldwide are turning to TT’s FIX Adapter.

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