Futures Margin Calculator List

In order to allow our Customers to Trade CME Indices with normal Day Trade Margins during the US Overnight Session – we have implemented the following CME Market Limit Market Halt Liquidation Trigger Please Read Full Details >>

In order to allow our Customers to Trade Energies with normal Day Trade Margins – we have implemented the following Risk Management Liquidation Triggers Please Read Full Details >>

Please Know the CME Daily Price Halt Limits >>

Margins Explanation: (Maintenance vs. Day Trading)

Maintenance Margin is set by the exchange. This is the amount required to carry a contract past the daily close.

Day Trading Margin is set by AMP Global. Day Trade Margin is solely the amount required to enter into a position per contract on an intraday day basis. It is NOT the risk liquidation trigger nor the maximum amount your account can lose.

Day Trading Margins are in effect anytime the market is open (both Day and Overnight Trading Sessions), except the last 15 minutes of each trading session. AMP Global requests that you either flatten open positions or meet the exchange required maintenance margin 5 minutes before the daily close.  

Margins are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

The Maximum Position Limit for symbol MES, MNQ, MYM and M2K is 500 contracts.

Until further notice, we will be setting the US Equity Indices Margins to 25% during the US Overnight Session (starting at 5pm CST) until shortly after the following listed U.S. Economic New Releases - Please Read Full Details >> 

Micro E-mini Futures  
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Micro E-mini S&P 500 MES MES CME $1,180.00 $40.00
Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 MNQ MNQ CME $1,770.00 $100.00
Micro E-mini Dow MYM MYM CBOT/CME $840.00 $50.00
Micro E-mini Russell 2000 M2K M2K CME $650.00 $50.00
Micro-DAX FDXS FDXS Eurex $1,300.00 $100.00
Micro-EURO STOXX 50 FSXE FSXE Eurex $325.00 $50.00
Stock Index  
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
E-mini S&P 500 ES EP CME $11,800.00 $400.00
E-mini Nasdaq-100 NQ ENQ CME $17,700.00 $1,000.00
E-mini Dow ($5) YM YM CBOT/CME $8,400.00 $500.00
E-mini Russell 2000 RTY RTY CME $6,500.00 $500.00
E-mini S&P MidCap 400 EMD EMD CME $15,100.00 $3,775.00
NIKKEI 225/USD NKD NKD CME $8,500.00 $2,000.00
DAX FDAX DD Eurex $32,500.00 $2,500.00
Mini-DAX FDXM FDXM Eurex $6,500.00 $500.00
EURO STOXX 50 FESX DSX Eurex $3,350.00 $250.00
STOXX Europe 600 FXXP FXXP Eurex $1,360.00 $416.25
EURO STOXX Banks FESB ESB Eurex $660.00 $165.00
STOXX Europe 50 FSTX DTX Eurex $2,100.00 $717.50
VSTOXX FVS FVS Eurex $415.00 $67.50
CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) VX VX CFE/CBOE (Front Month) $10,600.00 $10,600.00
Mini CBOE Volatility Index (Mini VIX) VXM MVI CFE/CBOE (Front Month) $740.00 $740.00
FTSE 250 Index Y Y2 ICE Europe - Financials $2,900.00 $725.00
FTSE 100 Index Z QFA ICE Europe - Financials $5,385.00 $1,346.25
Nikkei 225 mini (Osaka) MJNK MJNK Osaka - Japan (JPX) $980.00 $245.00
Nikkei 225 (Osaka) JNK JNK Osaka - Japan (JPX) $9,800.00 $2,450.00
TOPIX JTPX JTPX Osaka - Japan (JPX) $5,990.00 $1,497.50
Mini-TOPIX JMT JMT Osaka - Japan (JPX) $599.00 $149.75
JPX-Nikkei Index 400 J400 J400 Osaka - Japan (JPX) $541.00 $135.25
SGX Nifty 50 Index IN ZIN Singapore Exchange (SGX) $2,300.00 $575.00
SGX Nikkei 225 Index NK ZNA Singapore Exchange (SGX) $5,000.00 $1,250.00
SGX Mini Nikkei 225 Index NS NS Singapore Exchange (SGX) $1,000.00 $250.00
SGX USD Nikkei 225 Index NU ZU Singapore Exchange (SGX) $6,000.00 $1,625.00
FTSE Taiwan Stock Index TW TWN Singapore Exchange (SGX) $2,700.00 $725.00
ASX SPI200 Index AP AP Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) $12,000.00 $2,650.00
Hang Seng Index HSI HSI Hong Kong (HKEX) $12,650.00 $3,162.50
Mini-Hang Seng Index MHI MHI Hong Kong (HKEX) $2,530.00 $632.50
Hang Seng China Ent. Index HHI HHI Hong Kong (HKEX) $5,218.00 $1,304.50
Mini-Hang-Seng China Ent. Index MCH MCH Hong Kong (HKEX) $1,035.00 $258.75
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Australian Dollar 6A DA6 CME $1,450.00 $362.50
British Pound 6B BP6 CME $1,900.00 $475.00
Canadian Dollar 6C CA6 CME $1,000.00 $250.00
Euro FX 6E EU6 CME $2,100.00 $525.00
Japanese Yen 6J JY6 CME $2,600.00 $650.00
New Zealand Dollar 6N NE6 CME $1,450.00 $350.00
Swiss Franc 6S SF6 CME $3,700.00 $925.00
E-mini Euro FX E7 EEU CME $1,050.00 $262.50
E-mini Japanese Yen J7 EJY CME $1,300.00 $325.00
Micro AUD/USD M6A M6A CME $145.00 $36.25
Micro GBP/USD M6B M6B CME $190.00 $47.50
Micro CAD/USD MCD GMCD CME $100.00 $25.00
Micro EUR/USD M6E M6E CME $210.00 $52.50
Micro CHF/USD MSF MSF CME $370.00 $92.50
Dollar Index DX DXE ICE Futures U.S. $2,500.00 $625.00
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Crude Oil CL CLE NYMEX/CME $6,600.00 $1,650.00
E-mini Crude Oil QM NQM NYMEX/CME $3,300.00 $825.00
Micro WTI Crude Oil MCL MCLE NYMEX/CME $660.00 $165.00
Natural Gas NG NGE NYMEX/CME $5,500.00 $5,500.00
E-mini Natural Gas QG NQG NYMEX/CME $1,460.00 $1,460.00
Micro Henry Hub Natural Gas
RBOB Gasoline RB RBE NYMEX/CME $7,900.00 $7,900.00
Heating Oil HO HOE NYMEX/CME $8,600.00 $8,600.00
ICE Brent Crude B QO ICE Europe - Commodities $10,030.00 $2,507.50
ICE WTI Crude T ET ICE Europe - Commodities $11,250.00 $2,812.50
ICE (RBOB) Gasoline N EN ICE Europe - Commodities $12,272.00 $12,272.00
ICE Gas Oil G QP ICE Europe - Commodities $12,302.00 $12,302.00
ICE Heating Oil O QHO ICE Europe - Commodities $8,198.00 $8,198.00
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Gold GC GCE COMEX/CME $10,000.00 $2,075.00
E-mini Gold QO MQO COMEX/CME $5,000.00 $1,037.50
Micro Gold MGC MGC COMEX/CME $1,000.00 $207.50
Copper HG CPE COMEX/CME $4,500.00 $1,125.00
E-mini Copper QC MQC COMEX/CME $2,250.00 $562.50
Micro Copper
Silver SI SIE COMEX/CME $10,500.00 $10,500.00
E-mini Silver QI MQI COMEX/CME $5,250.00 $5,250.00
E-micro Silver SIL SIL COMEX/CME $2,100.00 $2,100.00
100 oz Gold ZG ZO ICE Futures U.S. $5,173.00 $1,293.25
Mini Gold YG YG ICE Futures U.S. $1,663.00 $415.75
5000 oz Silver ZI ZI ICE Futures U.S. $6,377.00 $6,377.00
Mini-Silver YI YI ICE Futures U.S. $1,275.00 $1,275.00
Platinum PL PLE NYMEX/CME $2,800.00 $2,800.00
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond UB ULA CBOT/CME $5,950.00 $1,600.00
Micro Ultra U.S. Treasury Bond
Ultra 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note TN TNA CBOT/CME $2,800.00 $750.00
Micro Ultra 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note
CBOT/CME $280.00 $70.00
3-Year U.S. Treasury Note Z3N Z3N CBOT/CME $1,800.00 $400.00
U.S. Treasury Bond ZB USA CBOT/CME $3,900.00 $1,050.00
Micro 30-Year Yield 30YY Z30Y CBOT/CME $270.00 $72.50
5-Year U.S. Treasury Note ZF FVA CBOT/CME $1,400.00 $350.00
Micro 5-Year Yield 5YY Z5YY CBOT/CME $330.00 $82.50
10-Year U.S. Treasury Note ZN TYA CBOT/CME $2,125.00 $531.00
Micro 10-Year Yield 10YY Z10Y CBOT/CME $320.00 $80.00
30-Day Federal Funds ZQ ZQE CBOT/CME $550.00 $550.00
2-Year U.S. Treasury Note ZT TUA CBOT/CME $1,150.00 $287.50
Micro 2-Year Yield 2YY Z2YY CBOT/CME $340.00 $85.00
One-Month SOFR SR1 SR1 CME $250.00 $62.50
Three-Month SOFR SR3 SR3 CME $300.00 $75.00
Eurodollar GE EDA CME $725.00 $725.00
Euro-Bund FGBL DB Eurex $3,120.00 $817.50
Euro-Bobl FGBM DL Eurex $1,625.00 $490.00
Euro-Schatz FGBS DG Eurex $620.00 $217.50
Euro-Buxl FGBX FGBX Eurex $7,000.00 $1,635.00
Long-Term Euro-BTP FBTP FBTP Eurex $3,400.00 $925.00
Short-Term Euro-BTP FBTS FBTS Eurex $1,533.00 $308.75
Euro-OAT FOAT FOAT Eurex $3,125.00 $817.50
3-Month Sterling (Short Sterling) L QSA ICE Europe - Financials $400.00 $127.50
Long Gilt R QGA ICE Europe - Financials $3,110.00 $995.00
10-Year Japanese Government Bond JGB JGB Osaka - Japan (JPX) $4,610.00 $1,152.50
SGX 10-Year Mini JGB JB ZT Singapore Exchange (SGX) $660.00 $115.25
ASX 90-Day Bank Bill IR HBS Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) $678.00 $111.75
ASX 10-Year Aus Treasury Bond XT HXS Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) $3,375.00 $555.75
ASX 3-Year Aus Interest Rate Swap YT HTS Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) $880.00 $145.00
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Corn ZC ZCE CBOT/CME $1,300.00 $1,300.00
Chicago SRW Wheat ZW ZWA CBOT/CME $2,000.00 $2,000.00
Soybeans ZS ZSE CBOT/CME $2,400.00 $2,400.00
Soybean Oil ZL ZLE CBOT/CME $3,150.00 $3,150.00
Soybean Meal ZM ZME CBOT/CME $3,100.00 $3,100.00
Oats ZO ZOE CBOT/CME $1,400.00 $1,400.00
Rough Rice ZR ZRE CBOT/CME $1,380.00 $1,380.00
Mini-Corn XC XC CBOT/CME $260.00 $260.00
Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat XW XW CBOT/CME $400.00 $400.00
Mini Soybean XK XB CBOT/CME $480.00 $480.00
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Class III Milk DC GDC CME $1,350.00 $1,350.00
Lumber LB LBR CME $900.00 $900.00
Cocoa CC CCE ICE Futures U.S. $3,630.00 $3,630.00
Cotton CT CTE ICE Futures U.S. $3,000.00 $3,000.00
Coffee KC KCE ICE Futures U.S. $6,000.00 $6,000.00
Orange Juice OJ OJE ICE Futures U.S. $4,608.00 $4,608.00
Sugar #11 SB SBE ICE Futures U.S. $2,016.00 $2,016.00
Name Symbol CQG Symbol Exchange Maintenance Day Trading
Feeder Cattle GF GF CME $3,625.00 $3,625.00
Lean Hog HE HE CME $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Live Cattle LE GLE CME $2,125.00 $2,125.00


Note: Day Trading margins are twice the displayed amount for account balances exceeding $100K.
Based on all risk factors, Top Level Risk Limits such as Max. Contract Size may be applied when deemed necessary.

Disclaimer: The above information was drawn from sources believed to be reliable. Although it is believed that information provided is accurate, no guarantee is made. AMP Global Clearing, LLC assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

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