DTN ProphetX Trading Platform Key Features

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DTN ProphetX Key Features


Key Features

Tabbed and linked interface – includes tabs for pages and within windows for fast, easy navigation of its deep, rich content. You can link quotes to charts, news, and more, for greater context and faster access to the information you use to make decisions. The content updates dynamically – just click on the symbol.

Powerful charting – advanced charting capabilities include drawing tools from trend lines to Fibbonaci, studies, from moving averages to Stochastics, seasonal charting, and forward curves to help you better determine price trends and seasonal effects for long-term pricing decisions.

Unmatched content – from our own award-winning reporters and industry-leading analysts, as well as from top name, third-party sources.

Cash markets – supply and demand insight, including current and historical cash prices and basis at thousands of locations, and exclusive geospatial mapping of critical USDA crop data, cash bids, and weather.

Integrated order execution – clear orders through all major FCMs and manage positions across multiple client accounts – all on one screen.

Link to Excel via RTD or DDE – update complex spreadsheets in real time. Perform further market analysis, calculate your Value at Risk or Net Back margins, or feed position summaries.

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