AgenaTrader Trading Platform Key Features

AgenaTrader is an extremely high-performing Multi-Broker trading platform, which goes one step further than analogous trading tools. In addition to discretional and fully automated trading, the semi-automated trading approach is also completely integrated.

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AgenaTrader Key Features


What is AgenaTrader?



Our Highlights

  • Open up to 2000 charts at once
  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time
  • Scan thousands of instruments in different time frames
  • Drag&Drop signal and strategy programming
  • Deep integrated risk- and money management
  • Automated calculation of the order size
  • Semi-automated trade-management
  • Multi-brokerage / multi-datafeed at the same time
  • Fully automated trading using the AgenaScript (C#/.Net)

Your Advantages

  • Automatize the routine work of the daily trading cycle !
  • AgenaTrader provide you with more time to check the quality of trades
  • The time in front of the computer can be reduced
  • Risk reduction !
  • Increase in chances and profits !

Charting Analyze Shares, Forex, Futures and CFD

Advanced Charting

  • Utilize about 120 different indicators as well as self-coded signals !
  • Use all drawing objects, which are important for trading !
  • Explore the advantages of various price representations (Renko, Kagi, P&F, Equity Volume etc.) !
  • Integrate indicators of higher time frames !
  • Trade with a comfortable chart trading !
  • Use the ActionBar to activate or de-activate standard indicators, instrument lists, time frame selections and favorite setups with a mouse click !
  • Let the system show you chart formations such as SHS, flags, triangles, etc.

Chart Groups

  • Compare up to four interconnected charts within different time frames at a glance !
  • Connect a scanner with a list chart group !
  • Open more than 500 real time charts simultaneously via Tab Chart Groups !
  • Save chart and chart group templates in order to access them later !
  • Take advantage of the fast AgenaTrader chart loading time !


  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time according to your signals !
  • Use indicators and self-coded signals or conditions for scanning !
  • Program your signals via C#-AgenaScript or using the ConditionEscort by mouse click !
  • AgenaTrader will search your signals in different time frames !
  • Combine entry signals and complete strategies with stops and targets by mouse click in the SetupEscort !
  • Activate strategies by mouse click as soon as the corresponding signal appears in the scanner !
  • According to the motto: the system suggests, the market and the user decide, AgenaTrader manages your trades !


  • Program signals simply by a mouse click !
  • Programming skills are not required !
  • Compare many different indicators with each other or with static values !
  • Mix variable time frames per Condition !
  • Program complicated signals using AND, OR, XOR realations and brackets simply by a mouse click and without programming skills !
  • Use Conditions to create complete strategies, in AT Centaurus, by a mouse click !


  • Record entire trading days tick by tick !
  • Download the tick data for several trading days from your data provider !
  • Practice and train with these data without bearing any risk !
  • Use an integrated trade simulation account and become familiar with the markets !

Order Possibilities

Utilize the variety of comfortable possibilities to collect orders:

  • ChartTrading: place orders in the chart by a mouse click !
  • Use simply the default OrderPad !
  • Put complete setups into the market via OrderEscort !
  • Trade using the ForexPad !
  • Place orders via keyboard or by a mouse click from the Level3-InsideMarketBox !
  • Take an advantage of using dynamic DOM’s !

Experience the new order types: Scale-Orders, Dynamic Orders, Soft-Stop Orders !


Automatized Trading

  • Exploit the integrated C#-AgenaScript interface to program the high professional:
    • Strategies
    • Indicators
    • Entry-, stop- and target conditions easy by yourself
  • Develop signals from existing indicators and self-programmed signal generators by a mouse click !
  • Import indicators and strategies from an external system such as 

Multi broker selection

Utilize the variety of comfortable possibilities to collect orders:

  • Trade shares with the broker A !
  • Futures with the broker B !
  • Forex with the broker C !
  • and CFD with the broker D !
  • Choose the cheapest and the best broker !
  • Change the broker without having to switch the trading platform !

Trading Center

It only takes a few glances to control your:

  • Accounts
  • Positions
  • Trades
  • Orders
  • and executions in different trading tabs !


It only takes a few glances to control your:

  • Inform yourself via system- and application messages !
  • Manage price- and time alerts !
  • Control the running strategies !
  • Load and administrate your replay data !
  • Create trading notes in a calendar !

Web Tab

  • Avoid media disruption by preventing the overlapping of the trading platform with a web browser !
  • Let the web browser to be a part of your trading platform !
  • Integrate your favorite web sites directly in the trading platform !
  • Start e.g. Facebook trading charts straight from trading environment and thereby keep the markets better in focus !

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