CQG Spreader Trading Platform Key Features

CQG Spreader is a high-performance market data and electronic trading application for traders who don't require technical analysis tools.

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Unlocking the Power of CQG Spreader for Futures Trading

Imagine having access to a powerful futures trading platform that provides ultra-low latency, sophisticated order management, and advanced features to help you trade the markets. In this summary, we will explore the capabilities of the CQG Spreader, a platform designed to keep you ready for trading opportunities in the ever-evolving world of futures trading.

Short Summary

  • CQG Spreader is a powerful tool for serious traders, providing ultra-low latency trade execution and server-side aggregation tools.

  • It offers comprehensive cross account spread trading capabilities, such as order routing, leg ratios and proportional execution, while streamlining portfolio management.

  • Take advantage of the two week free trial to explore its advanced features including charting & analytics tools, customizable spreads & risk management options with global access across multiple asset classes.

Mastering CQG Spreader: Key Features and Benefits

At the core of CQG Spreader lies the CQG Spreader Core. The CQG Spreader Core uses proprietary algorithms to manage synthetic spread leg orders and executes them in a lightning-fast speed of less than one millisecond. This ultra-low latency trade execution interface routes orders to co-located exchange servers. The close proximity of the CQG Spreader Core to exchange servers enables lightning-fast order modifications and execution of second legs in less than a millisecond, ensuring fast placement in order queues for working legs. At CQG, all network communications are initiated from the client side, ensuring secure connectivity.

With sophisticated order management and ultra-low latency, the CQG Spreader Core is an essential tool for serious traders who are demanding. CQG Spreader features set allows you to set up spreads and strips with up to forty legs and actively quote up to ten legs, configure leg ratios, scale, order management, and legging risk, prioritize leg placement.

Apart from its impressive speed, CQG Spreader features set offers server-side aggregation tools, allowing you to aggregate and trade products of similar prices on multiple exchanges while managing the routing of leg orders according to your preferences. This means that you can trade on the bid/ask spread and attempt synthetic spread leg orders to acquire the most advantageous price for your trades. You can trade ratio spreads with a proportional execution Manage placement with queue holders and set up trading parameters such as overfill management trade ratio a

Furthermore, CQG Spreader is designed to support a wide array of spread trading strategies, monitor and manage cross account spread trading. Manage multi legged intermarket and intramarket spreads across accounts and asset classes. It enables traders to construct, execute, and manage cross account spread, multi-legged spreads, and trade spreads based on the net change prices, providing them with the versatility and flexibility they need to stay competitive in today's fast-paced markets.

Cross-Account Spread Trading Capabilities

CQG Spreader's robust cross-account spread trading capabilities enable traders to manage complex spread trading strategies with ease. These capabilities include order routing, leg ratios, and proportional execution to manage spread activity. For example, CQG Spreader can connect, aggregate, and route leg orders to US Treasury markets and their highly correlated futures markets. By utilizing CQG Spreader for fixed income and futures spread, traders can efficiently and manage spread activity in their portfolio.

The CQG Spreader Core eliminates latency due to geographic location, ensuring that traders have a seamless spread trading strategies and monitor experience regardless of their physical location. This global reach and powerful functionality make CQG Spreader the ideal choice for traders looking to manage their cross account spread trading strategies.

Advanced Charting and Analytics Tools

To help traders make informed decisions, CQG Spreader offers a range of advanced charting and analytics tools, including technical indicators and drawing tools. These tools can help traders analyze market trends and identify potential opportunities. Among the technical indicators offered by CQG Spreader are moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and more. These indicators can provide valuable insights into market trends and help traders identify potential entry and exit points. Additionally, CQG Spreader's drawing tools, such as trend lines and Fibonacci retracements, allow traders to visualize market patterns and make better-informed decisions.

Moreover, CQG Spreader also provides a range of advanced charting and analytics tools, including chart patterns and price alerts. These features enable traders to monitor market activity closely and act on opportunities as they arise.

Leg Ratios and Proportional Execution

CQG Spreader allows traders to customize their spreads and proprietary algorithms to manage their risk with leg ratios and proportional execution. By setting up and configuring leg ratios and orders using bid/ask volume, traders can benefit from the bid/ask spread and obtain the best possible price for their trades. To manage risk effectively, CQG Spreader offers Overfill Management, a risk management strategy that enables traders to restrict their risk by establishing a maximum risk amount that they are willing to assume for a trade. By creating Overfill Management rules, traders can manage spread trading to help ensure that their trades are not exposed to more risk than they are comfortable with.

In addition, CQG Spreader's proportional execution feature allows traders to trade ratio spreads with a pre-defined ratio, capitalizing on the bid/ask spread and attempting to acquire the most advantageous price for their trades. With the ability to configure proportional execution rules, traders can be confident that their trades are carried out with the intended ratio and optimize their trading strategies accordingly.

Global Access and Asset Class Flexibility with ultra low latency trade execution

The global access and asset class flexibility offered by CQG Spreader enable traders to access deep liquidity and transparency in various markets, as well as trade different types of assets, including futures, options, and spreads, across different markets around the world. This flexibility allows traders to diversify their portfolios and manage risk more effectively.

In summary, the global access and asset class flexibility provided by CQG Spreader make it an invaluable tool for traders who seek to diversify their portfolios and trade on opportunities in various markets around the world.

Customizing Your CQG Spreader Experience

Set up spreads strips with up to forty legs and actively quote up to ten legs

CQG Spreader offers a range of customization options to help traders personalize their trading experience. Easily identify spreads strips and their legs with DOMTrader ® and order color coding, set up monitored leg orders using bid and ask queue volume conditions. From setting up spreads with forty legs to configuring leg ratios, scale, legging risk, and prioritizing leg placement, CQG Spreader provides the flexibility traders need to construct intricate strategies and adapt to changing market conditions.

CQG Spreader also provides a Custom Algo SDK that allows traders to combine the CQG spreader core and Algos with their own custom C++ algorithms. This capability enables traders to create custom strategies tailored to their specific needs and preferences, further enhancing their trading experience.

Sniper Mode

Achieve near-instantaneous execution and reduce message counts with Sniper Mode.


To simplify complex strategies access CQG to use QFormula

Smart Trailing Limit Orders and Pay Up Limit

Manage incomplete orders by utilizing smart trailing limit orders or implementing a pay-up limit yield manage incomplete orders.

Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid

Spread Matrix is a versatile tool for intercommodity and synthetic spreads. Spread Pyramid provides customizable display management for calendar, butterfly, and condor intracommodity spread strategies.

CQG Spreader allows you to connect, aggregate and route leg orders to US Treasury markets for fixed income and futures cash spread trading.

Pricing and Platform Costs

Understanding the pricing and platform costs associated with CQG Spreader is crucial for traders who want to make informed decisions about their trading activities. These costs encompass commissions, exchange fees, order routing, and clearing fees.

It's important to consider these costs when using CQG Spreader, as they can impact a trader's overall profitability. In addition to the per contract traded cost, in order to use CQG Spreader, it requires you to use CQG Integrated Client for $595 per month + an additional $1,400 per month for the CQG Spreader features. By understanding the various fees and costs associated with the platform, traders can make more informed decisions and better manage their trading activities.

System Requirements and Tech Specs

To ensure optimal performance, CQG Spreader has specific hardware and software requirements that traders must meet. For hardware requirements, hard drive power-saving features must be disabled, and the program must be excluded from firewall and virus checks. In terms of software requirements, CQG Spreader also requires disabling hard drive power-saving features and excluding it from firewall and virus checks. These measures help the platform run smoothly and provide a seamless trading experience for users.

CQG Spreader employs a secure connection for authorization purposes and provides straightforward installation, ensuring that traders can quickly and easily get started with the platform. By meeting these system requirements and tech specs, traders can unlock the full potential of CQG Spreader and harness its power for their futures trading activities.

Getting Started with a CQG Spreader Free Trial

If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of CQG Spreader firsthand, a two-week free trial is available for the CQG Integrated Client. This trial allows traders to explore the platform's advanced features and capabilities without any financial commitment. By taking advantage of the free trial, traders can develop new ideas while benefiting from cost-effective tools for trading spread strategies. CQG also oversees the order management and ultra of exchange relationships, as well as providing ongoing maintenance of exchange connections, hardware, and technology.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover the power of CQG Spreader and see how it can revolutionize your futures trading experience. Sign up for the free trial today and unlock the potential of this cutting-edge platform.


In conclusion, CQG Spreader is a powerful trading platform that provides traders with advanced features and capabilities for futures trading. With its ultra-low latency, sophisticated order management, global access, and asset class flexibility, CQG Spreader is the ideal choice for traders seeking trading opportunities in the competitive world of futures trading. Don't miss the chance to experience the benefits of CQG Spreader for yourself. Sign up for the free trial today and unlock the power of this innovative platform to help you trade the markets and attempt to achieve your trading goals.

CQG Spreader Key Features



CQG Spreader allows traders to access the CQG Spreader Core, our collocated servers at the exchanges. The close proximity of the core to the exchange servers allows modification and execution of second legs to occur in less than one millisecond. This allows for ultra-low latency trade execution and sophisticated order management.

You can automatically trade similar instruments on two or more exchanges and manage where the trades get filled based on your preferences. These tools are extremely powerful when used with CQG Spreader. Unlike other vendors, CQG allows you to execute automated spreads where each leg of the spread is an aggregation of two or more markets.



With the CQG Spreader, traders can:

  • Set up spreads with up to forty legs.
  • Configure leg ratios,scale, legging risk.
  • Prioritize leg placement.
  • Easily identify spreads with DOMTrader.
  • Manage cross-account spread trading.
  • Set up leg orders using bid/ask volume.
  • Manage risk with overfill management.
  • Ratio spreads with proportional execution.
  • Manage incomplete orders by payup limit.
  • Use QFormulas to simplify strategies.
  • Manage placement with queue holders.
  • Trade off net change prices or yield.

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