InvestorRT Trading Platform Key Features

Discover the power of the Investor/RT platform with it's advanced charting and market analytics. Investor/RT has been refined over two decades to meet the ongoing needs of traders and active investors.

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Investor/RT Key Features


What Core Features make Investor/RT so Powerful?

Volume Profile Indicator
  • View Buy Volume, Sell Volume, Total Volume or Time spent at Price Levels for any time period.
  • Split the Day Session from the Overnight Session to view each profile separately.
  • Use the Profile Drawing tool to draw a profile over any targeted custom period.
  • View Composite profiles to track longer term trends going back 5 or 10 years!
  • Use Point of Control or Value area Highs and Lows as variables in RTL Studies.
  • Extend Naked POC’s, VAH or VAL’s to the present trading day to uncover areas that have not been filled.
  • Use any number of custom coloring options such as Heat Map, Holograms, Lines or Blocks.

Volume Breakdown Indicator

  • Bid Volume vs. Ask Volume (Volume Delta) both historically and in real time.
  • Filter trades by trade size to watch for larger traders in the market
  • Accumulate the Volume Delta in Candlestick format to look for Volume Divergences
  • Use Technical Indicators on the results of the Volume Breakdown Indicator like Moving Averages or Session Statistics.
  • Track other statistics like Average Buy or Sell Size, Bid or Ask Size or Tick Frequency.
  • Write custom studies with RTL Language using the Volume Break down Indicator.
  • And a whole lot more.

CME Market Profile© Charts

  • The original intraday Profiling technique devised by J. Peter Steidlmayer. Currently licensed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Made available to the public in 1985.
  • Developed with the goal of assigning a value to the market for certain time periods using Normal gaussian distribution.
  • Split the Day Session from the Overnight Session to view each profile separately or Split any Profile at any letter for deeper analysis.
  • Automatically add reference lines that result from RTL Studies to mark other areas of interest directly on Market Profile© Charts.
  • Extend Naked POC’s, VAH or VAL’s to the present trading day to uncover areas that have not been filled.

Session Statistics Indicator

  • Incredibly powerful Indicator that compares almost any market statistic to how that statistic performed in the past (right down to the minute).
  • Compare today’s Trading Volume or Range during the exact minute to the average Volume or Range during the same minute that occurred on previous days.
  • Add reference lines to each day on your chart for the Overnight Highs and Lows, Initial Balance Highs and Lows, Initial Balance Range or any other value of interest.
  • Use Session Statistics in Custom RTL Studies to analyze the past performance of another Indicator.
  • Compare statistics from today’s market with Last Weeks, Last Months or Last Years Market.

Real Time Language (RTL)

  • Simple scripting language used to write Custom Indicators, Signals and Scans within Investor/RT.
  • Requires no programming experience (although experience certainly helps).
  • RTL is a tokenized language. Market data and indicator values are referenced using simple RTL tokens like OPEN, HIGH, CLOSE or MA (Moving Average), etc.
  • All Indicators in Investor/RT have tokens for accessing their values (e.g. RAWK, FASTD, CCI, MA).
  • RTL formulas can perform arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /) and relational comparisons (<, >, >=, <=). A complete library of built-in functions include Minimum, Maximum, Average, Sum, etc.

Multiple Periodicities

Choose from many different periodicities such as:

  • Time Based Periodicities like Second Bars, Minute Bars, Daily, Monthly & Weekly.
  • Tick Based Periodicities only form a new bar after the set amount of trades (ticks) have occurred.
  • Volume Bars only form a new bar after the set amount of Volume has occurred.
  • Range Bars only form a new bar after the set High/Low Range has been broken.
  • Change Bars only form a new bar after a set Open/Close Range has been broken.
  • Point & Figure & Renko periodicities are also available.

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