Domestic and Foreign Introducing Brokers


Welcome to the AMP Introducing Broker (IB) Division!

Our mission is to offer IBs the tools needed for them to compete in this highly competitive environment. By combining cutting edge trading technologies with broker friendly back office operations, we believe this will provide our IBs the edge needed to grow market share. Here are some of the key features our existing IBs are using to their advantage:

Fast Account Setup

We have built an almost fully automated account opening process. Our online account application will run 24 hours per day 7 days per week (even on holidays). In our opinion, this is one of the biggest assets to using AMP as your FCM. We understand brokers and getting your account applications processed is top priority for our back office team.

Global Connectivity

AMP Global Clearing has the vision of providing 24 hour electronic access to exchange connections worldwide. We currently offer access to American, European, Australian and Asian exchanges. All of our IBs will be able to offer these same exchanges to your clients. This will increase your market exposure and available clients.

Multiple Data Feeds

AMP is a technology neutral FCM. We support and offer multiple data feeds to our IBs. If you have a customer that is technology specific, you will not be limited to one specific data provider. In our experience and opinion, this is a huge advantage. By having different technology options with one FCM, you’re are providing your customer a choice and providing needed backup.

24 Hour Trade Desk & Technical Support & Systems Desk

These are fundamental services required to support customers in these volatile market conditions. AMP will provide “experienced” and “friendly” access to all IBs and IB’s customers if desired.

Multiple Languages

With the increase of international exposure to futures markets, AMP maintains a major international desk. Once again, if the IB has customers that speak languages other than English you have this resource to support your customer and expand your prospective customers.

Online Customer Portal

No matter where you are or where your customer is located, online customer portal access is available. This will supply all daily statements, key technology updates/requirements, news releases, holiday hours, and trading details (expiration, last trading day, etc.).


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