Trade Alerts in MetaTrader 5

Never miss a single trading opportunity


Trading strategies can become more flexible, while the reaction to significant events can become faster. For this purpose the MetaTrader 5 trading platform offers the possibility to use trade alerts.


You can now set up an alert to notify you about a desired trade event, and stop worrying — the opportune moment won’t be missed on the market. There is no need to spend hours watching the price movement on your monitor — the trading platform will immediately notify you with a sound, and email or a push notification on your mobile.

Thus you stay updated of the latest events in the financial markets wherever you are.


MetaTrader 5 allows setting up conditions under which a trade alert shall trigger: e.g. when Bid and Ask prices increase preset values, or the timer of exchange news release. Once the current price breaks the level you have specified, you will be immediately notified by a trade alert.

Alerts in MetaTrader 5 provide instant notifications of important trade events. Set up an alert and relax!