QUIK is a software package for providing on-line access to the exchange trading systems. QUIK includes a server and workstations (client terminals), which interact through the Internet.


QUIK is an acronym for the Quickly Updateable Information Kit. From its origin, QUIK was an information system with a high data transfer rate: this was reflected in the program’s name. Today QUIK is a multifunctional front office direct access system to trading floors for organization of own operations and also broker services of clients at financial markets. QUIK is the most popular trading platform enabling access to all Russian, Ukrainian and foreign exchanges through a single trading terminal: more then 250 financial organizations use it for servicing tens of thousands of clients.

Application areas

  • Broker servicing (Internet trading) is attainable in two forms. QUIK Broker suggests that the broker buys the entire software package (for both server and workstation) and operates it independently using the broker’s own technological base.
    The method of outsourcing enables the use of a QUIK software package placed at the ARQA Technologies Technical Center.
  • Getting skills in exchange trading and in operating QUIK is attainable via the training system QUIK Junior. Universities and brokers use QUIK Junior on a broad scale for training novice traders.

Exchange markets and trading modes available via QUIK

  • Moscow Exchange
    Securities market (Main Market and Classica sector), Moscow Exchange Derivative Market, Currency market, Government Securities and Money Market
  • Moscow Energy Exchange
    Derivatives Market
  • Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile exchange
    Derivatives Market
  • International Exchanges
    PFTS, Ukrainian Exchange, Derivatives market of Ukrainian Exchange, KASE, BATS Chi-X Europe, BOVESPA, CBOT, CME, EDX, EUREX, EURONEXT (AEX, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Luxembourg), HKEx, ICE, LIFFE, LSE, NASDAQ, NASDAQ OMX (Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Iceland, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius), NYMEX, NYSE, OSE, SGX, TSX, WSE, XETRA
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