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MultiCharts 10 Beta 2 (Just Released) New Features List

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Introducing brand new MultiCharts .NET 10.0 Beta 2! Completely new design and cool new features that will make the workflow easier and more pleasant.

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MultiCharts now supports 4K resolution!

Retina quality charting is now available in MultiCharts. Windows 10 and 4K resolution gave us possibility to display large objects crisp and clear with different dots per inch settings. It took literally thousands of changes to make every graphic object readable and clear when using high screen resolutions.

Completely new design

MultiCharts inherits Windows 10 style so all the objects and icons have been re-designed and improved. The new icons of our platform have a flat look which is reminiscent of the design approach taken by recent version of Windows OS.

Emulated Stop and Stop-Limit orders

One can now switch between native and emulated Stop and Stop-Limit orders for both auto trading and manual trading. This feature requires real-time data subscription on your broker account.

Pause/Resume Optimization

Optimization Progress window now provides the ability to Pause/Resume the optimization procedure to free CPU resources.

Bulk ASCII Export

Quote Manager now has ability to export data for multiple symbols into ASCII format in one go.

1/10000000 Price Scale is now available

7 decimal places price precision is now available in the instrument settings to support the Japanese Yen futures and South Korean Won currency pairs trading.

Annual Return & Annualized Sharpe Ratio

Added new Performance Report metrics: Annual Return & Annualized Sharpe Ratio.

Improved position information when trading the same instrument on different exchanges.

The long-awaited Monte Carlo analysis is now available in MultiCharts!

Monte Carlo method is the method of statistical modeling in problem solving based on modeling a random process with parameters equal to the specific values of the original task. This method is used in various spheres (mathematics, physics, economics, sociology, etc.). MultiCharts as an analytical and trading platform allows the use of Monte Carlo method in addition to other existing tools (Backtesting, Optimization, Strategy Reports and others). Monte Carlo documentation is available in our Wiki section:http://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php?title=Monte_Carlo_Analysis

Optimization Results window has been completely reworked.

The data is now represented in two formats: Spreadsheet and 2D graph. It is possible to copy the spreadsheet results to clipboard or save them into a CSV file. You can still view the results in 3D using our 3D Optimization Charts tool, as well as save the optimization results into ORS file for loading it later. Sorting options were also extended to provide more flexibility.

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Charting/Data Handling

∙             Quote Manager now has ability to export data for multiple symbols into ASCII format in one go. Learn more here: http://www.multicharts.com/pm/viewissue.php?issue_no=MC-1553

∙             Session Break is now plotted correctly on a Renko chart if you leave it running overnight. Learn more here: http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=49614

∙             Fixed bug in which Ask/Bid values could stop updating on the Chart Trading Panel if MultiCharts is running for days without a restart.

∙             “Days Back” request now returns the correct amount of bars when “Build From Minutes” option is enabled.

∙             CQG: DOM data for USA & ULA instruments has no missing levels now.

∙             CQG: added new data feed option “Use minute realtime data for minute based resolutions”.

 ∙             IQFeed: improved symbol lookup when “Exchange” filter is used.

∙             Fixed situation when N-Month bars were not built correctly. Learn more here:http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=49892&p=121935#p121934

∙             Instrument linking now supports instruments with “@” & “:” signs in the name.


∙             CQG: it is now possible to trade instruments with no realtime data subscription.

∙             CQG: no new reconnection attempts after “Trader is not enabled” message is received.

∙             CQG: improved Realized PnL calculation for connection left overnight.

 ∙             Rithmic API updated to version 9.4.

∙             Rithmic: added MES Capital deployment.

∙             Rithmic: rectified issue with “The order cannot be placed: no instrument-specific reference data for symbol has been received”.

∙             Rithmic 01: improved Realized PnL calculation for connection left overnight.

 ∙             MultiCharts is now compatible with TT FIX 7.17 with Multibroker Environment.

∙             Manual Trading: rectified situation when previous AvgEntryPrice was used for exit strategies.

∙             Improved Paper Trader order execution algorithms.

 ∙             Paper Trader profile now has Margin settings.


∙             BackTesting Assumptions now have the “Time in Force” option for even more precise and flexible backtesting. Learn more: http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=46842#p116726

∙             Added new Performance Report metrics: Annual Return & Annualized Sharpe Ratio.

∙             IInstrument.LastBarInSession property now returns the correct value even if there is no realtime data and the bar is forcibly closed after timeout.

∙             ExecControl.RecalcLastBarAfter property was not triggered after “Assign the initial market position” window was shown.

∙             Made some changes to fix the difference between the Chart Backtest and Portfolio Backtest. More info: http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=49393

∙             Bars.UpTicks & Bars.DownTicks for the Volume Delta & Cumulative Delta chart types are correct now. Learn more: http://www.multicharts.com/pm/viewissue.php?issue_no=MC-1437

∙             Drawings placed from the code no longer have “Anchor to bars” enabled by default.

∙             Drawings interfaces were extended with “Anchor to bars” property.

∙             Added new property “Bars.Info.RTSymbolName” that returns the real-time symbol name in case the “Merge data sources” option is enabled. In case of a custom futures instrument – the name of the last contract is returned.

∙             Added new property “IInstrumentSettings.CurrencyCode” – returns the Base Currency setting configured in the Signal Properties window. Learn more here:http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=49890

∙             Corrected erroneous Limit, Stop, Stop Limit order execution in backtesting with IOG enabled.

∙             Fixed bug in which GeneratePercentTrailing did not work correctly in AA auto trading mode.

∙             Corrected error when auto trading in AA mode ignored the position from “Assign Initial Market position at the broker” dialogue window upon auto trading start.

∙             Rectified situation with incorrect average entry price from chart for auto trading.

∙             Fixed bug with Output being still done when data Playback is on pause (N data series, IOG enabled).

∙             The number of inputs combinations for optimization is now calculated correctly when step size is <1.

∙             Fixed bug when "Floating-point invalid operation" appeared in the Portfolio Trader.

∙             Rectified situation when "Time in Market" was not calculated correctly in the Report window.


∙             Introducing the all-new “Feedback” app. Now you easily submit all types of technical inquiries with just a couple of clicks.

∙             Forex Board no longer resubscribes to realtime data for existing instruments when you add/remove instruments.

∙             Fixed bug in which editing settings for multiple symbols will change these instruments’ Exchange settings.

∙             Fixed Exception that appeared when using a certain Metastock instrument.

∙             Fixed tricky Exception that could appear upon simultaneous order fill event and ChangeMarketPosition execution upon auto trading shutdown.

∙             Fixed memory leak when performing optimization with some special orders in the signals.

∙             Fixed Exception that could appear under unknown circumstances in the Portfolio Trader.

∙             Fixed Exception which appeared upon typing text into the Resolution field under “Format Instrument” in Portfolio Trader.


∙             Signal inputs are now displayed in the Strategy Performance Report window.

∙             Volume Profile is now displayed correctly on charts with the “Merge data sources” option enabled.

∙             The number of contracts is now pre-highlighted in the Trading Calculator window called from the Chart Trading panel/Trade Bar/DOM window.

∙             Rectified issue with Volume Profile not updating in realtime when Start/End mode with Stick option is used.

∙             Quote Manager’s “ASCII Data Import” window now shows all controls correctly when OS Display Scaling is set to 125%.

∙             Quote Manager window now preserves the column width configured by the user.

∙             Order and Position Tracker window now correctly displays the “1/32 and S of 32nd” price scale values.

∙             Optimization Progress window now provides the ability to Pause/Resume the optimization procedure. More info: http://www.multicharts.com/pm/viewissue.php?issue_no=MC-847

∙             One can now assign keyboard shortcuts for the “Remove All Drawings” “Remove All Visible Drawings”, “Clone Drawing” options and also for opening the “Manage Broker Profiles” window.

∙             It is now possible to copy multiple symbols from the MultiCharts Scanner window and paste them into the Portfolio Trader (or vice versa). More info:http://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=49570

∙             In case some symbols failed to load the data in Portfolio Trader – “Loading Data” window now shows the complete list of such symbols and allows copying them to clipboard.

∙             Hint window now shows the UpVol & DownVol values for the Volume Delta & Cumulative Delta chart types.

∙             ASCII Mapping file reference details are now visualized under the newly added “ASCII Mapping” tab in the Edit Symbol window. This tab is displayed only when an instrument is mapped to a file.

∙             Added “Uncheck All” to ASCII Mapping window.

∙             Added new column to Order and Position Tracker window: “Last update”.

∙             Added toolbar button and keyboard shortcut to show the “Optimize strategy” menu.

∙             “Insert Empty Row” option and “Insert” key behavior can now be configured in File->Preferences->Scanner. Learn more here: http://www.multicharts.com/pm/viewissue.php?issue_no=MC-2039

∙             Rectified issue with Connecting Lines not connecting the proper orders.

∙             Fixed issue when a string input was not properly shown under the Settings tab of the Strategy Report window.

∙             Rectified situation when study plot values were truncated in the status line. Learn more here:www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=49816

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