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Cybersecurity Incident - more than 3.2 Billion usernames, passwords and email addresses - Leaked

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Dear AMP Global Clients,

In today’s world, threats to our cybersecurity are increasing on a regular basis. As an example, it has recently been disclosed that more than 3.2 Billion usernames, passwords and email addresses from various sources were published on the dark web by an unknown entity.  Not only email address, but username/password pairs were published.  Please see the link below (Published on February 7, 2021):

( https://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/114329/data-breach/comb-breach-3-2b-credentials.html )

Please note that AMP Global has not been hacked.  No databases or secure environment of AMP were breached.

We had a recent incident with a minor impact that we are taking very seriously. We believe it was a result of this above leak. We intend to stay ahead of this and other similar threats, and provide you with a safe and secure environment for your trading.  It is with this intent that AMP Global is enhancing its safety features by proactively taking a number of steps, which are in line with universally acknowledged as Current Best Practices to Update and Increase Security.

Resetting passwords is one such step.

“Experts warn of the impact to consumers and businesses of this new breach that may be unprecedented due to the bad habit of reusing login credentials.”

Here is an additional resource provided at CyberNews to check if your Personal Data is included in the COMB Leak:  https://cybernews.com/personal-data-leak-check/

As always, we encourage you to remain alert in guarding your personal information, regularly review your account statements and monitor your credit activity from the major reporting agencies. You should change your password on all your online accounts and take any other steps that you may deem appropriate to safeguard your personal information online.