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Mini CBOE Volatility Index (VXM) - Ready for Live Trading!

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Mini CBOE Volatility Index (VXM) 1/10th of the Full Size VIX contract.

The Cboe Volatility Index - more commonly referred to as the “VIX Index” - is an up-to-the-minute market estimate of expected volatility that is calculated by using real-time prices of options on the S&P 500 Index listed on Cboe Exchange, Inc.

Mini CBOE Volatility Index (VXM) Exchange-traded Futures contracts are available to trade at AMP starting Sunday Market Open: Nov. 22, 2020 - 5pm Chicago (CST)

  • Mini CBOE Volatility Index (VXM) - Currently Only available via CQG DataFeed.
  • CQG Symbol:  MVI
  • Example CQG Front Month Symbol:  MVIZ20

Important - PLEASE NOTE (Click here to download full Contract Specs)

Market Orders for VXM futures will be accepted by the Exchange during regular trading hours for VXM futures following the completion of the opening process for a VXM futures contract when that contract is in an open state for trading. Market Orders for VXM futures will not be accepted by the Exchange during extended trading hours for VXM futures or during any other time period outside of regular trading hours for VXM futures. Any Market Orders for VXM futures received by the Exchange during a time period in which the Exchange is not accepting Market Orders for VXM futures will be automatically rejected or canceled back to the sender. Stop Limit Orders are permitted during regular and extended trading hours for VXM futures.

So...on your trading platform, check the settings of your Stop Orders.  Make sure during extended trading hours you use a Stop-Limit Order > NOT Stop-Market (or the exchange will reject your order).

Mini CBOE Volatility Index (VXM) - Trading Hours

Trading Hours are set in CST (Chicago)


AMP FLAT Pricing offer using any of our FREE Trading Platforms, such as MetaTrader 5, Sierra Chart, MultiCharts, TradingView, Jigsaw....

CFE Exchange Fee $0.20 + CFE Regulatory Fee - VXM $0.005
CQG Order Routing Fee $0.10
NFA $0.02
AMP Clearing Fee $0.10

Total per Side $0.425

Available on all 40+ different trading platforms. Please use the AMP Exact Cost Calculator to confirm the total all-in price for any platforms that charge any additional per contract platform fees: https://portal.ampclearing.com/account/commissionquote.aspx

Day Trade Margins:  https://www.ampfutures.com/trading-info/margins/ 


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